Mr. Kibbie Recipes - Lebanese Food

If you’re a lover of Lebanese recipes and food, our Kibbie recipes are perfect for you. The Mr. Kibbee video is a practical demonstration of how to make raw kibbie and cook baked kibbie.

Arnold Malham has perfected his raw kibbee recipe, as well as his baked kibbee recipe, and shares his insights in his video. Whether you just love Lebanese food or are looking for a kibbee recipe, Arnold’s creation will leave you begging for more.

Lebanese Food & Recipes

More than 60 years of Sundays spent cooking kibbie for his family, or in someone else’s kitchen, has helped Arnold Malham make the best damn kibbee there is.

Giving a conservative estimate, he guesses he’s made more than 3,000 batches throughout the years.

“It’s not good…It’s damn good.”

Baked kibbie is a traditional dish of Lebanese food that has been a constant in the Malham family throughout the years. Many, many people have eaten Arnold’s raw kibbee and baked kibbee.

Considered by some as the national Lebanese dish, kibbee is a hearty meal or snack that anyone can enjoy. More than a vehicle to pass on the tradition and share his Lebanese recipe, the Mr. Kibbee video is a chance for Arnold to say, “God Bless,” to the entire world…in his way, with his signature kibbie dish.

Let Arnold show you the best way to make kibbee in his video—he walks you, step by step, through his kibbie recipes so you can delight your friends and family.

Kibbee Ingredients

Arnold’s kibbee recipes may not call for a lot of ingredients, but some of them can be hard to find. If you want your raw kibbie and baked kibbie to be the best, visit the Ingredients page to find out where to get the best possible ingredients to make this delicious Lebanese food.

Cooking with Mr. Kibbee