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“It’s not good…It’s damn good.”—Arnold Malham

Making this traditional Lebanese dish perfected by Arnold Malham is not a quick process, and it is definitely more than just a combination of ingredients from a recipe book.

You’ll find below the list of ingredients, where to get hard to find items, and some tips from Mr. Kibbee himself.


3 Pounds Center Cut Round
3 Cups of #1 Cracked Wheat
1 Large Onion
Salt and Pepper to Taste


2 Pounds Ground Beef
1 Large Onion
1 cup Pine nuts
Salt and Pepper to Taste



Obviously, you can find the center cut round steak, sweet onions, and salt & pepper at most any grocery store, but you might have a harder time finding the specific wheat used by Arnold and the Pine nuts unless you are privy to an import store. 

To get the right wheat, call Ed Bishop at Bishop Taboli in Tulsa.  The phone number is 918.367.2270.  Tell Ed you need the #1 Cracked Wheat that Arnold Malham uses to make his Kibbee.  They will ship you what you need and treat you well.

You can find Ed’s business online at, but as of publish date of this DVD, Ed would prefer that you call to order.  Arnold gets his Pine nuts in bulk from Sam’s or other discount grocer.  You can get from a regular grocer, but the price in smaller quantities might be high.

The grinder Arnold uses makes things go smooth as well.  You can look for a grinder of your own at a restaurant supply store near you or online.  Another workable option is a grinder accessory available on some food processor appliances.


Arnold makes dishes without exact measurements, but recommended measurements should be followed until you become familiar with the process.


For best results, Arnold recommends using only #1 hard cracked wheat.

Soaking the wheat for at least an hour is vital to the process.  Un-soaked or improperly soaked wheat will not work and may potentially be a health risk if ingested.  The wheat must be allowed to swell before commencing.

Tasting after the third grind allows for addition of salt and pepper to taste.  Be advised that the difference in texture is considerably less coarse after the 4th and final grind.

Addition of olive oil with Kibbee Nayee is at your discretion, but most add it liberally.


Cooking time on the baked Kibbee will vary 30-45 minutes.  The key is to cook until golden brown.

Pans of Kibbee can be frozen and stored for future baking for long periods of time (1-3 months). 

Cover well with clear wrap and aluminum foil.


In the video, Fried Kibbee Footballs are cooked fresh.  However, even better results can be obtained by first freezing the footballs on a flat tray, then deep-frying after frozen.

Pre-Freezing the footballs allows cooking without risk of damage.  Frozen footballs can be stored for long periods of time (1-3 months) before cooking.

Cooking with Mr. Kibbee